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Rate Your Hearing Aids

Please tally the number of “Yes” answers to the questions below.

Yes No
1.         Do your hearing aids feel uncomfortable or hurt your ears?
2.         Do your hearing aids whistle, causing embarrassing squealing?
3.         Do your hearing aids seem overwhelmingly loud and bother you?
4.         Do your hearing aids make everything louder but not clearer?
5.         Do you have trouble adjusting the volume controls on your aids?
6.         Do you have trouble-hearing people with soft voices?
7.         Do you have difficulty with telephone conversations?

Which ear do you use on the phone? ________________

8.        Do you have trouble hearing and understanding the speaker at a meeting or minister at church?
9.        Do you have trouble hearing the TV?
10.      Do you have trouble understanding voices in a car?
11.      Do you have difficulty following conversation in background noise?
12.      Do you have trouble understanding voices in a group of people?
13.      Do members of your family get frustrated with your hearing?
14.      Do your hearing aids spend more time in a box than in your ears?
15.      Has it been over two years since your last hearing test?
16.      Has it been more than 4 months since your hearing aids were cleaned and serviced?
Total YES’s



# of Yes’s Your Hearing Satisfaction and Our Recommendations
0 – 3 You are a HAPPY hearing aid wearer. To keep your hearing aids in good working order, be sure to get regular service. Do you have your next service appointment? When? ____________________
4 – 7 You are a MODERATELY UNHAPPY hearing aid wearer.  You may even be resigned about your hearing loss and the performance of your aids.  All you may need is a simple adjustment to your current hearing aids.  Call the Avalon office nearest you to schedule a free EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test and Hearing Aid Analysis.
8 – 16 You are an EXTREMELY UNHAPPY hearing aid wearer.  Call Avalon right now for your free EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test and Hearing Aid Analysis.  This will include the most thorough hearing test you have ever had, a clean and service plus analysis of your current hearing aids. Discover how you could start hearing better, immediately!


Many problems with hearing aids can be corrected

by one of our Competent and Caring Avalon professionals!

Typical Solutions:

  • Some hearing aids need a simple computer adjustment
  • Many hearing aids need a complete reprogramming to better match your current hearing loss
  • These fitting adjustments can make a world of difference for your hearing BUT require a competent Hearing Healthcare Provider                         (Not all providers are created equally!)
  • You may just need fresh batteries – (Yes, it does happen)
  • Sometimes, your hearing aids need a thorough cleaning & servicing to help you hear well again

Are you ready to hear the best you can … for life!?!

 Call (916) 930-6347 for a free Analysis of your Current Hearing Aids. 

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