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We are a diverse group of people with over one hundred years of combined experience in hearing healthcare. One thing we all have in common is our passion to help you hear the best you can…for life. What truly sets us apart is the personal attention and care you’ll receive. It leaves you feeling like you’ve found a new home for your hearing care.


Betty Vosters-Kemp, BC-HIS
Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, Owner

Betty restores hope and brings clarity during a confusing time in hearing care. With so much information and advertising out there, it’s hard to know what to do. But if you’ve already had a bad experience with hearing aids, it’s even harder not to get resigned. As Co-Owner of Avalon Hearing Aid Centers, Betty is deeply committed to educating you on what it takes to be happy with hearing aids. She does this as an educator, author, and public speaker. You’ll often find her out in the community, educating people through her powerful presentations at local service clubs and organizations. Betty conducts Educational Seminars and Hearing Health Classes packed full of the information you need. She explains everything to you in plain English, and makes it fun! The people who attend her classes are so well informed about their hearing that they make the best decision possible for themselves, and their families. Whether you attend one of her seminars, or book a personal consultation, you’ll love Betty’s enthusiasm and honest communication. She specializes in helping people who have a history of wearing hearing aids. People travel great distances to take advantage of her expertise and creative approach to fitting hearing instruments. She listens with her heart, creating a safe place for you to work through your concerns and confusion.


Michael W. Kemp, MS
Audiologist, Owner

Michael is both an audiologist and the Co-Owner of Avalon Hearing Aid Centers. He also owns and works in another practice called Hearing Rehabilitation Solutions. Michael is well respected in our community for the expertise he brings to worker’s compensation cases and cost containment. As an audiologist, he specializes in diagnostic testing and works closely with your doctor. Most people’s experiences of this type of testing is cold and sterile, leaving them to feel more like a number and less like an individual human. But they are pleasantly surprised, and even shocked, at Michael’s unique approach to doing a case history and testing. He creates an inviting and safe space for you to be heard and respected. Michael especially loves to work with veterans and hear their stories.


Emily Phillps
Licensed Hearing Healthcare Provider

Emily Phillips fell in love with hearing healthcare nearly a decade ago. She started her career with a large hearing aid retail company but never quite felt at home. Then, she discovered Avalon. When she joined the Avalon team, Emily finally felt like she had come home! She brings this experience to each and every client. Emily is passionate about hearing health awareness and personalizes your care by educating you. She knows what happens after you get your hearing aids determines whether they are going to work well for you or not. Emily loves to learn and takes the time to troubleshoot any problems you may have with your current hearing aids, whether you got them through Avalon or somewhere else. If you’re ready to find a new place for your hearing care needs, Emily will welcome you home!


Stefanie Nordstrom
Audiology Assistant

Stefanie Nordstrom relocated from the bay area where she worked as a certified Audiology Assistant and Office Manager in an audiology clinic for four years. Stefanie’s heart has always been drawn to helping others and making a difference in their lives. That’s why she chose Avalon Hearing Aid Centers.
Stefanie has become an important team member in delivering Avalon’s relationship-based approach to hearing healthcare. She professionally cleans and services your hearing instruments, and listens to your concerns about your hearing. If your hearing aids aren’t working as well as they used to, you may want to meet with Stefanie. She’ll help you take the right step to hearing the best you can…for life!



 Angel Jackson
Client Care Coordinator

Angel is both an accomplished audiology clinic admin and customer care coordinator.

With over a decade in customer service and administrative work, Angel decided a long time ago to only be a part of organizations that truly care about their clients. The moment she walked into Avalon, she knew she had come “home”. In that spirit, she greets each and every person that comes through our door. Her enthusiasm and warmth bring much joy and a sense of comfort to everyone she serves.

Angel truly enjoys helping you in all she does, whether she assists you in navigating through your insurance benefits, helps you post a review about Avalon on Yelp or makes sure you have enough batteries until your next Avalon ALWAYSCare appointment. Angel is always ready to lend a helping hand and listen with a loving heart.


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