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Got Hearing Aids?

Did you spend 1000’s of dollars on hearing aids but still struggle?

Is background noise drowning out the conversation?

Do you ask people to repeat themselves even with your hearing aids on?

Are you feeling discouraged? Left out? Frustrated and ready to give up?

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don’t give up.

At Avalon Hearing Aid Centers…

We don’t just sell you hearing aids like most retail stores do.

We don’t dispense hearing aids to you like many medical clinics do.

We help you hear the best you can…for life!

  That’s the difference. The AVALON Difference.

Our staff of competent and caring Audiologists and Hearing Healthcare Providers love to work with people who already have hearing aids but are not doing well with them. In fact, we specialize in helping people who wear hearing aids. It doesn’t matter where you got them.

We’ll treat you to a Free EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test and Consultation.

We administer six extra tests that most medical clinics and retail stores rarely do. This testing and additional time we take with you informs us on how to help you hear the best you can.

Then, we’ll do a Comprehensive Analysis of your Current Hearing Aids.

We’ll demonstrate just how much your current hearing aids are helping you. If we can reprogram them to better match your hearing loss, we’ll tell you. And if you feel comfortable with us, we’ll offer to ADOPT you!  We have three affordable Avalon Adoption Plans. You choose the one that works best for you! We’ve saved people thousands of dollars by being able to get the most out of their current hearing aids. We’ll take care of you and your hearing – no matter where you purchased your hearing aids.

If we can’t adjust and improve your current hearing aids, we’ll tell you why.

When it come to hearing care,
we follow our hearts.

And we don’t cut corners. We’re thoughtful and knowledgeable about choosing the best hearing solutions and treatment plan for your loss, lifestyle and budget
so you’ll hear the best you can, now, and for years to come.

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