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In 1988, when Michael and Betty, co-founders of Avalon Hearing Aid Centers, were planning their new hearing healthcare practice, they made a commitment to each other and to the people of our community to change the way people feel about hearing aids.

Michael and Betty believe that people are reluctant to seek help for many reasons but one of the major deterrents is in how hearing aids are actually dispensed. Too many people become victims of high-pressure sales in a retail model of dispensing hearing aids. They approach their hearing healthcare like buying a commodity. Most people don’t realize that this retail approach to buying hearing aids at a store or online may set them up for mediocre results at best. At worse, they waste their time and money, and are left with a negative experience of hearing aids. They simply don’t know how to approach their hearing healthcare.

Others have been treated like a number in a traditional medical model and may not receive the time needed to come to terms with their hearing loss. They may feel like they have little say or limited options through their insurance company.

None of these approaches to hearing care leave a person feeling good about getting hearing aids. We’ve all heard the negative stories. So why would anyone put themselves through an unpleasant experience to buy something they didn’t want in the first place???

Betty and Michael decided to transform these impersonal, negative experiences. They created a hybrid model of care, taking the best from both the retail and medical models and opened up Avalon Hearing Aid Centers.

Avalon Means More

Avalon is not in the business of just selling hearing aids. As a family-owned practice, we are in the business of helping you hear the best you can… for life! And that is a very different approach to hearing care. We provide a warm, personal and positive experience. No voicemail, no pushing buttons to get through to a real person. When you call Avalon, you’ll connect with our Patient Care Coordinator who will be delighted to speak with you.

Before you invest in hearing aids, take advantage of our Free EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test. With just one no-obligation visit, you’ll learn about your hearing and whether hearing instruments could help. Unlike those big sterile clinics, we’ll take the time to get to know you. Our competent and caring staff of audiologists and hearing healthcare providers will give you options that work with your unique hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Avalon also offers free EDUCATIONAL Seminars and Classes to get and keep you informed. Whether you’ve worn hearing aids for years or just beginning to find a solution for your hearing loss, these fun and informative seminars and classes provide valuable information. The people who attend Avalon’s events make the best decisions about their hearing healthcare for both themselves and their families. If you want to learn more, call (916) 930-6347 to reserve your seat.

The Avalon ALWAYSCare Difference

If you decide to invest in hearing aids, Avalon provides you with an extended money-back guarantee. You’ll have a full 60 days to get comfortable with your new hearing instruments and make sure they’re right for you. The best hearing aids in the world won’t do you any good if they end up in a drawer. We want you to be so comfortable using hearing aids that you forget you’re wearing them!

All of our hearing instruments and services are covered by our Avalon ALWAYSCare Program. The ALWAYSCare Program ensures that you will hear and understand the best you can, now and in the years to come! We provide follow-up visits, educational classes and lifetime service – all at no extra cost to you.

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