NEW TECHNOLOGY – Is it Really Worth It?

When and why should you upgrade your current hearing aid fitting? What changes have been made in hearing technology in the last year? And most important of all, is new technology really worth it, or is it just a bunch of advertising hype? These are important questions anyone with hearing aids should ask. The answers are complex and best served over coffee!!! Learn about the latest advances in wireless technology and whether it would be worth it for you to invest in new technology.

DATES & TIME: We currently do not have a time scheduled for this event. 

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Read“What a relief it is to know that you’re never too old to stimulate your brain!  When I took care of my hearing at Avalon, I had no idea their ongoing care would include so much education.  It changed my life and continues to change my life in positive ways. I‘m so thankful I went to Avalon for a free second opinion.”

Stan Reed, Musician & Real Estate Agent

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