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How to Invest Wisely in your Hearing Healthcare

36 million Americans (1 in 10 people of all ages) have a hearing loss. 9 million of these people have invested in hearing help. Yet, close to half of them are unhappy with their hearing investments or their hearing healthcare provider. This is a sad and unacceptable statistic – one that Avalon Hearing is committed to changing through education and awareness. It’s hard enough to bring yourself to invest in hearing aids. And you sure don’t want them to end up in a drawer. So how do you invest wisely in your hearing healthcare?


There are basically three kinds of people in the market for hearing help. They are the product shopper, the passive patient and the informed consumer.

The product shopper looks at purchasing hearing aids the way they buy a television. They think they are simply buying an electronic device and are influenced mostly by the price. The shopper can be seduced by the money he may save without realizing he is buying so much more than an electronic device. In the May 2005 edition of AARP, Richard Gans, president of the American Academy of Audiology, was quoted saying, “A hearing aid is only as good as the professional who evaluates the patient, chooses the best technology, fits the hearing aids and, perhaps, most importantly, offers training and follow-up.” Product shoppers are usually the most unhappy with their purchases so be careful not to approach your hearing healthcare strictly as a shopper.

The next kind of person is the passive patient. The patient typically thinks he has to stay within his HMO or insurance network to seek help. Ironically, 90% of people with medical coverage do not have hearing aid benefits. The patient does the right thing and mentions his hearing loss to his doctor. Next thing you know, all these tests are being administered and hearing aids are being prescribed. Many people describe this experience as being run through the mill. If the patient is compliant and gets hearing aids, he usually has little understanding of what to expect from them. This only contributes to more unhappy hearing aids wearers.


Last of all is the informed consumer. The informed consumer learns all he can about hearing loss without getting bogged down by information overload. Information overload may overwhelm someone or give them a false sense of doing something about their hearing loss. The informed consumer may visit a few offices before he finds a hearing healthcare provider that he feels comfortable with and can trust. He expects to be a partner in the decision and the care of his hearing. He refuses to invest with anyone who makes him feel like a number in the healthcare system or a victim of high-pressure sales. Ultimately, the informed consumer gets the best value and makes the best decisions about his hearing healthcare.

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