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Getting Started – Your First 3 Steps

Getting Started – Your First 3 Steps

“My hearing really isn’t that bad.”
“I hear fine for my age . . .
at least that’s what my doctor told me.”

Sound familiar? If so, read on…

Most hearing losses come on very gradually. At first, you develop coping strategies that are unconscious. You ‘watch’ people in order to hear. The brain begins to piece missing auditory information together, trying to make sense of conversation. This takes an incredible amount of effort. In fact, it can be exhausting. The person whose ‘hearing is not that bad’ is probably using all his available brainpower on listening. Believe it or not, this seemingly ‘minor’ loss is the most insidious of all hearing losses. As your hearing continues to deteriorate, so does your lifestyle, your relationships and your psychological well-being.

Untreated hearing loss often has you withdraw from social functions with family and friends. Emotionally, people feel embarrassed, annoyed and even stressed when they have to strain to hear and understand what others are saying. Ongoing stress from untreated hearing loss can also take a toll on one’s physical health. People with untreated hearing loss are two times as likely to suffer from memory loss issues and four times as likely to have heart problems.

If this happening to you or a loved one, it may be time to take your first three steps.


If you have difficulty following a conversation in a noisy restaurant or feel that people are mumbling, you may be one of the 36 million Americans with hearing loss. Denying, or justifying and minimizing an untreated hearing loss can cause a cascade of complications. It’s best to learn the truth and it only takes three minutes.

The Hearing Quiz on our website will allow you to quickly check your hearing. Then, you can score your answers and find out if you should be concerned about your hearing.


From awareness, we move into gathering information. Many people start with a simple web search or ask friends and family who they trust with their hearing. To help you on this journey, we’ve created some valuable resources to make this step easier and more comfortable for you:

  • Educational Seminar: We believe that information gathering is necessary for both you and your family if you’re going to make good decisions about your hearing healthcare. We offer Free EDUCATIONAL Seminars. Click here for details on upcoming events. These seminars are not sales pitches. They are just one way we serve our community and community service is a big part of what makes Avalon different. Our seminars (often served with breakfast!) are designed to take the confusion out of hearing aids and help you sift through information overload.
  • Your Guide to Hearing Happiness: At Avalon Hearing, we’ve literally written the book on Living Happily Ever After with Hearing Loss. It is a free 15-page guide to help you (or a loved one) deal successfully with hearing loss. You’ll find out what to look for when searching for the right kind of hearing care for you. Because everybody is different. You’ll also learn how to avoid the mistakes people make when purchasing hearing aids. Because investing in hearing aids is a big decision, and at Avalon, we respect that decision. Download your free guide by clicking here.

If you’ve been waiting, not sure on what to do next, take advantage of these offers. Get the information you need to take the next step towards better hearing and better living.

Step Three – TAKE ACTION (get your hearing checked)

We know how hard taking that third step can be so we made this step as easy and comfortable as possible. We provide a 10-Step EDUCATIONAL Hearing Test and Consultation, absolutely free with no obligation!

Avalon Hearing offers the most thorough hearing test and consultation you may ever have! That’s because we administer all of the standard hearing tests plus SIX additional tests that most clinics don’t take the time to do. This extra information determines if, and how much hearing aids will help you. Then, and only then, you decide whether you are ready to get hearing instruments. This evaluation is so complete, so effortless, and so life-changing that it has become a cornerstone in what earned us #1 in Customer Service for the entire nation.

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