WHAT?! Did I hear that right? YES, you did!

Avalon Hearing Aid Centers is committed to keeping our clients safe, healthy, and connected during these uncertain times. We are providing Drive-Up Services for our clients because it’s isolating enough to be honoring the shelter-in-place directives.


But heaven forbid that your hearing aids should stop working. That can be downright scary. Starting March 24th, we’ll open up Avalon’s Drive-Up Services to anyone in our community who finds themselves struggling with their hearing aids.

Would you please call ahead (916) 483-9064 and make an appointment? Or fill out the form at the bottom of this post.

We’ll come to your car, greet you and find out what’s wrong. Next, we’ll clean and service your hearing aids in our lab, hopefully restoring them to good working order. Then, we’ll deliver them back to you in the safety of your car!

Let’s stay connected, and keep you hearing the best you can during these unprecedented times. We’ll get through this together.

Avalon Hearing remains open during regular business hours and provides essential contactless hearing aid service.


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