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Welcome to Avalon Hearing Aid Centers, Inc. We are a diverse group of people with over one hundred and ten years of combined experience in hearing healthcare. One thing we all have in common is our passion for help you hear the best you can so that you can enjoy a fuller, richer life.

We combine our skills as hearing healthcare professionals with the latest technologies to help you. What truly sets us apart, however, are the warmth, friendship, and personal attention we give each person in our care. We look forward to meeting you and making a significant difference in your life.

Michael W. Kemp, MS

Audiologist, Owner

Michael is both an audiologist and the Co-Owner of Avalon Hearing Aid Centers. As an audiologist, he specializes in diagnostic testing and works closely with your doctor. Michael is well respected in our community for the expertise he brings to worker’s compensation cases. He especially loves to work with people who already wear hearing aids but are not doing well with them. Michael will test your hearing and then do a comprehensive analysis of your hearing aids. He will adjust your instruments to best match your current hearing loss. He has saved people thousands of dollars by being able to get the most out of their current hearing aids. Michael “adopts” you and keeps you hearing the best you can no matter where you purchased your hearing aids.

Betty Vosters-Kemp, BC-HIS

Hearing Healthcare Provider, Owner

Betty changes the way people feel about hearing aids. After all, nobody wants to wear hearing aids. As Co-Owner of Avalon Hearing Aid Centers, Betty is deeply committed to educating and informing you on what it takes to be happy with hearing aids. She does this as an author, columnist and public speaker. She has written the ALL EARS column for over twenty years. You’ll often find her out in the community, educating people through her powerful and informative presentations at local service clubs and organizations. Betty teaches Hearing Health Classes packed full of the information you need. She explains everything to you in plain English, and makes it fun! The people who attend her classes are so well informed about their hearing that they make the best decisions possible for themselves and their families. Whether you attend one of her classes or get a personal hearing consultation, you’ll love Betty’s enthusiasm and honest communication. She listens with her heart, creating a safe place for you to work through your concerns.

Linda Fall, BC-HIS

Hearing Healthcare Provider

If you are nervous or anxious about the idea of getting help for your hearing, Linda is the hearing healthcare provider for you. She takes the time you need to feel comfortable and secure about the decision to be fitted with hearing instruments. In fact, one in four people she tests are not ready for hearing aids, and she tells them. Linda knows how important it is for you to be emotionally ready to use hearing instruments. She respects this and helps you move through this natural process of coming to terms with gradual hearing loss. Linda simply loves to help people! You’ll feel that in the open and kind way she cares for you and your hearing, every step of the way.

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