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A hearing problem, even a mild one, can keep you from being fully connected to the world around you. Whether it’s difficult to communicate with friends and family or hard to enjoy some of your favorite activities, hearing loss hurts. It hurts you and your loved ones.

Yet, no one wants to wear hearing aids. In fact, people often go through years of frustration, misunderstandings and embarrassment to avoid getting hearing aids.

At Avalon Hearing Aid Centers, we understand.

We help you hear the best you can and keep you hearing for life. We do this in a personal, friendly way you can feel good about. Are you ready for a warm, more caring approach to your hearing care? If so, we would be honored to serve you.

- Michael & Betty    
Avalon Hearing Aid Centers

  Getting Started with Hearing Loss  

If you’re tired of smiling and faking it, if people seem to mumble, if you hear but don’t understand, learn all you can about gradual hearing loss, now.

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  Getting Started with Hearing Loss  

If you’re ready for a replacement, or you’ve never had a hearing aid, we offer a complete FREE evaluation to find out what we can do for You!

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  Getting Started with Hearing Loss  

Watch and listen to several video testimonials of our patients telling their stories about hearing loss, hearing aids and how we helped them hear better.

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  Getting Started with Hearing Loss  

At Avalon, we’ve helped 1000's of people to live successfully with hearing loss. Discover the 5 secrets for yourself with our free Guide to Hearing Happiness.

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